indonesian@kyoto adalah blog yang berisi kehidupan di Kyoto dari sudut pandang dua orang dan satu anak (emang bukan orang?) Indonesia: Ibun Ulil, Abah Hamid dan Ayal. Blog ini dikelola secara semi-profesional dan menyajikan berbagai acara, makanan, kehidupan sosial, saujana (landscape), taman dan kuil di Kyoto. Jika tertarik untuk mengetahui lebih jauh, bekerjasama, hendak berwisata ke Kyoto atau sekedar berkenalan, monggo kontak ke Ibun Ulil di aulia.chloridiany@gmail.com atau +81 80 4706 2628 (WA,Line, Phone, SMS).


This blog is about a common Indonesian family who (will) live in Kyoto for three years. Hamid is the family’s boss who always dreams big. Because he pursues his PhD here, we can live in this beautiful city. Aulia is a lazy girl turn-to-be an active career woman turn-to-be-now a prominent house wife (ahm :P). Ayal is a 2nd grade Elementary Student who loves reading and hates sports. We’re three are the (main) contributors of this blog. Well, actually we have one more family member, Ilham, 5 y.o., but he can’t either read or write yet. Our time in Kyoto are very precious, because it is our first experience to live abroad. Besides, personally, here we can have quality as well as quantity family time, something that was rare before (and who knows what happens after Kyoto life? ;)). So we would like to share with you this once-in-a-life-time experiences. Enjoy! ˆ_ˆ

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